June 5, 2013

townies + black&bronze update!!

i had the day off today & it was (mostly) lovely. the weather here lately has been more like warmer fall days as opposed to summer, so needless to say my pasty ass is dying for some colour, even if that colour is red because lord knows this lady doesn't tan for nobody!! it seems like everytime i get a day off, the clouds show up...typical. anyway, after a quick stop at the tattoo shop to see the drawing/mock up of my new piece (itlookssogood!!!) i braved into the world of public transportation in our little city here. i am not lying when i say that it is the most terrifying place in the city. for realsies. bad tattoos, butt cracks, ill fitting clothes, preggo teens, smelly seniors, the works! the woman i had the pleasure of sitting beside, picked off the end of her weave and was rolling it in her fingers beside me (yes, that happened)...also i was stuck behind one of said smelly seniors that clearly hadn't bathed in probably a month. needless to say i got off two stops early & walked my ass home...happily getting blisters on both feet. annnnd i'm feeling pretty motivated to get my license.

yes i will be 27 in 8 days & do not have my license...i'm also one of the fastest walkers you will ever meet. so there.

do you ever have those moments with where you live? some (or i should say most) days i love living and working and breathing downtown. sure we have panhandlers and homeless people, maybe more so than most cities but they're harmless. sure people get stabbed randomly and fights break out, but you know what...i love living in peterborough. i really do. when you look past all of the shitty things i previously mentioned, it's really really wonderful. i love that i can walk 5 minutes & be at the water. i love that my backyard is one of the best bike trails/parks in peterborough. i love that (most) of my best friends live here & i can walk to each & every one of their houses. i love that my job is in the heart of the (dare i say) 'fashion district' here & that i get to be apart of that everyday. but sometimes it just seems like all the bad parts are just thrown in your face & it feels like you have ugly blinders on...it's unfortunate. anyway, i didn't let it ruin my day! i went about my business, did my errands as quickly as possible & came home to do a black&bronze update!! woooo!!

i am about this close to taking down this listing & keeping these amazing vintage collar tips for myself. i think that's the hardest part about having an etsy shop...wanting. it. all. i hope they go home with someone awesome!

one of my favourite pieces. 
i really love the silhouette of this faux turquoise piece.

cause who doesn't love some tassels?
i mean really.

another favourite (ok yes...they are all pretty much favourites)
i took this one for a test drive today & it just baaaarely made it to the shop!

a little geometric statement necklace for y'all

amazing beaded tassel earrings

a stunning vintage navajo mother of pearl ring. another hard one to part with!

okay this is my favourite. no really. i wore it for a month solid before deciding to part with it...*sigh* the painful moments etsy owners go through...

more if you click riiiiight here

i'm gonna be totally honest. this update is FUCKING wicked!! i am really proud & happy with how everything turned out. i lucked out & grabbed a reallllly sweet vintage lot of goods & these pieces were re-created from it. they're all things that i would wear every single day which is kind of exciting for me. sometimes i create pieces based on what i think other people would like. ya know, try to suss out what is trending or what other people are digging right now, etc...but this one...this one is all me baby!! 

i hope you guys like it too. XO