June 7, 2013

blog friends are great.

you know what's great about blogging? meeting people. or rather 'meeting' people...because half of the time you don't actually meet them...probably more like 99% of the time you don't.

here are some blog posts/bloggers i've really been feeling lately...

this hilarious misses view on pregnancy #1 & 2. i've loved this blog for so long...mandy is honestly SO hilarious! if you aren't familiar, have a read. she makes me want to be a cool mom...ya i said it. she also makes me want to have a really kick ass little girl...you can request that kind of stuff right?

ps: she just requested to follow me on instagram...kiiiiinda freaking out here!!

this is allison. she is the best. but really. straight off the bat, she has been the coolest most straight to the point blogger i've met. her recent post on sponsorships had me LOL'ing & loving her that much more than i already do!! she is also black&bronze's #1 fan & so i've gotta give her props for that. she's insane but i love her!!

i'm not even sure where to start with her. she's real. she's genuine, & i really appreciate that in a blogger these days. when i first started out it was all about sponsorships & how many people followed you & what cute outfit you were wearing...now the blogs i follow post about their everyday, their lives, their troubles. i love this about her. i feel a friendship based on what she writes up...she shares. i think you're fantastic nicole. but you already knew that.

i told you this girl was going to change the world. jes is an incredible human being...& i just...i want to be her best friend. just one more reason why i want to live in either arizona or texas...ugh!! 

just generally envious of these gals. always. their tans. their bikini bottoms. their travelling, always. & again...with the living thing...i wanna be in texas or phoenix i think. yup.