May 21, 2013


this weekend a bunch of us headed up to megs cottage for the long weekend. sitting around the fire i counted 22 people, 22 of the best pals a girl could ask for - all in one spot. 

these are my friends. that is my boyfriend. yep, the one with his pants down #duh

my catch phrase of the weekend: hashtag duh...using the word 'hashtag' in real life is really me...
truth: my friends are babes.

such a great weekend with amazing friends. it makes me so excited for summer; i want 100 more of these days!

i have a few days off in a row next week so i am planning to head up to my cottage for some R&R and boy am i excited!! it's almost june you guys & that is really exciting!! i'm excited for this summer as there always seems to be something going on, my schedule already seems pretty full for summer & it's barely started! plus i turn 27 on june 13th & i'm kind of exciting. getting older doesn't scare me, it makes me excited to see what's in store!