May 21, 2013

clean living: the gnarly whale

it seemed like you guys appreciated the last post about natural products i have found/love, so here's more yummy all natural products i've found!

i was originally drawn to the gnarly whale because i really liked their simple black & white branding (i'm a sucker for that stuff) i then read the scents & ingredients & thought they sounded delicious! the price was right so i made my first purchase. the hair detangler came in a great little hemp bag & they included a cute note/coupon code for my next purchase (such a smart idea for etsy sellers to keep customers coming back) but i would have anyway as their products are great!
oh you love creamsicles? ya, who doesn't?! this lip balm smells so so sooo good! & the best part is i'm not licking any harsh chemicals off my lips. i haven't switched over all of my makeup yet, but the lip balms & lipsticks had me the most worried as it can be ingested.

since i started lightening my hair i've had to use a hair detangler every time i wash my hair. this one works great & smells amazing!! i use it even if my hair isn't tangly...which truthfully doesn't happen very often anymore.

the gnarly whale currently has a coupon code for free product in their shop announcement so it's a great time to order some goodies!

side note: i do not have any affiliations with this shop, i just really love their products & wanted to share with you!