May 17, 2013

secrets to happiness I

i'm going to start a new feature on this little blog called 'secrets to happiness' it's not going to be a weekly or bi-weekly & maybe not even monthly feature (because i can't commit to that) so it will just appear when it does & i promise they'll be good.

personally i've always wondered if i'd ever be 100% happy. that probably sounds more depressing than it is. it's not to say i'm not happy, because i am, but there always seems to be something [more] that i assume could make me happier, whatever that may be. 

remove all notions that you will be 100% happy when ______ happens

- you have kids
- you get married
- you get that promotion or 'career' job
- you buy a home
- you move somewhere new
- etc, etc, etc

my first secret to happiness is probably the biggest one i have learned in my life. it's one that i've had a hard time learning even though it might seem obvious to others, because i, like most people, really love having things to look forward to, but that's not what life is all about. if you remove the notion that some thing is going to make you happy, you'll be set free. it doesn't even have to be as major as some of things i listed, it could even be you trying to justify a purchase, ex: i'll be happier when i buy this pair of shoes' yes, you might be happy, momentarily. it will be fleeting because eventually those shoes will wear out, or get ruined, and quite frankly your happiness should not be based on material things.

back to the topic of being '100% happy'. truth be told, it's not realistic. the only constant is change. we are constantly wanting and needing to make changes because we always want more for our self  and that's a good thing. what would life be about if we eventually reached an ultimate happiness & then just had nothing to do, nothing to dream about & nothing to push us forward & keep us going. 

we need to stop basing our happiness on things that we think might make us happier if we had them. think about why you are happy right now. think about all of the amazing things that you currently have...right now, and i guarantee you you'll have a smile on your face within seconds.

get out there & be happy.