May 15, 2013

tell me whatcha want whatcha really, really want

i see these comments SO often in social media; twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, blogs. i've been the one leaving the comments too, don't get me wrong. i constantly have a mental list of things i want, things i convince myself that i need. i feel like wants that soon turn to needs that then turn into regretted purchases happen far too often for me. i definitely give in to following a thousand brands on social media platforms & seeing them post things that i want & need. i have definitely seen a fellow blogger wearing something in an outfit post & proceeded to buy it for myself. i've absolutely seen a company post a product & immediately think to myself "i totally need that"...but the fact of the matter is that i don't. i have SO many things that sometimes (when i'm feeling in a particularly minimalist mood) it leaves me feeling sick to my stomach. the amount of things i've convinced myself i need and have bought is quite frankly, ridiculous. 

well internet, i'm cutting myself off.

plain & simple. i don't need anything more than i already have...and if it turns out that i do, like...i don't know when all of my clothes fall apart, then i will deal with that as it comes but for now i am trying my absolute best not to accumulate anymore things...stuff...pieces of momentary happiness.

wish me luck. it ain't gonna be easy.

sidenote: sorry, not sorry about the title of this post. spice girls whaaat!!