May 14, 2013

living clean

a bit ago i mentioned that i was feeling very inspired to change over to all natural body care & eventually hoping to make the switch in other aspects of life as well (makeup, cleaning product, hair care) & a few of you expressed interest & mentioned that you would like to do so as well, so i thought that a follow up post might be good to do from my experience so far.

at the end of april i ordered a few different products from the etsy shop southern twisted soaps & i will definitely be ordering from them again! when i started to read up on how many chemicals and toxins were in body lotions it really freaked me out. to think that i lather it on multiple times a day and it's soaking into my skin & absorbing those chemicals...uh uh, i wasn't okay with that. that was one of the first things i wanted to change! here is what i ordered from them:

such a light scent, i love this & it's not overpowering to slather on after the shower. it's perfect & soaks in quickly!

don't let the name fool is SUCH an amazing scent, i love it! & think it's pretty damn cute they named it monkey farts. i can't wait for someone to ask me what that smell is, haha

i love this. though it doesn't last all day like a regular perfume's also not jam packed full of chemicals so i'll carry it with me if i feel the need for an extra spritz throughout the day or after the gym.

light & pretty i love that this is small enough that i can carry it around with me & light enough of a scent for summertime when i don't want something heavy. it meshes well with the other scents i chose from the lotions & sprays too.

for $6.50 you are getting a huge block of soap that smells amaaaazing. i truly fell in love with all of the scents the second i opened the package! it's hard to buy scented things online right, because you can't smell them...but the names are a very accurate depiction of how they should smell!

i bought all of this stuff for $ it's actually cheaper than buying body lotion at bath n body works or shoppers drug mart, or wherever you regularly buy your body care...and say goodbye to $100 perfume bottles, not worth it if you ask me!

i highly recommend checking out southern twisted soaps. the scents are great, the quality & quantity of the product for the price is amazing & you're getting a homemade product that someone has put thought & love into. what's better than that? oh ya, it's 100% natural...gotta love that!! plus sweet & simple packaging always gets me...everytime!

ps: i was not paid by or asked to write about these products at all. all thoughts are my own & i was just really impressed by the shop & wanted to share it with you guys incase you're looking to make the switch to clean living too ;)