June 21, 2013

lately i just haven't been 'into' blogging, as you may have noticed...posts have become shorter & less structured, i stopped caring about how often i was posting, if people were reading & to be honest the 400 email notifications a day about 'comments' from spam-bots has become more than annoying. i also have really been enjoying getting out there & living my life, spending more time with friends, spending time outside, pretty much doing anything but sitting on a computer inside (also i've gotten really into pretty little liars...but that's besides the point)

i was feeling this way for awhile & then my friend chantilly wrote this post & it really resonated with me. i feel like with all of the forms of social media these days (twitter, vine, instagram, facebook) i'd much rather scroll through my instagram feed than read a blog post. i can still keep in touch with the people i have met through blogging through these social media platforms & to be honest my taste in what i used to read & the blogs i read now have changed a lot & truth be told probably 80% of the blogs on my reader i don't really care about anymore. 

i've been enjoying my time away from blogging, from feeling the need to come up with a post because i haven't written in awhile, feeling bad for having 280 blog posts in my reader waiting to be read...working & hanging with friends & going on spontaneous day trips have been keeping me fulfilled lately & blogging just hasn't been doing that for me.

so, i don't know what this means. by no means will i be deleting my little corner of the internet, but whether this is my last post or whether i come back in a few months, who knows...if you miss me, you can always visit me...

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or you can always send me an email at blackandbronze@gmail.com

you guys are great!