August 8, 2013

still here.

hi friends!

just thought i would stop in & say hello! the odd time i catch myself thinking i should write a blog post, then i forget as time has been flying by & i've been mega busy this summer as there seems to always be something on the go. i will imagine i'll start blogging again in the fall, when the weather is cooler, the days aren't as long & the sun goes down early. i've still been checking in & reading my favourite blogs while i've been taking this break to see what's going on with everyone...anyone wondering what i've been up to? well...

+ i went hungover bridesmaid dress shopping with my brothers fiance & the other gals in the wedding (5 months til jamaica, we're all so excited!!)
+ i went camping & got eaten by a hundred mosquitos (but had a good time with the girls!)
+ i've spent some time (but not enough) at my parents place on the water
+ i feel like i've spent multiple days being hungover after having a few too many patio drinks the evening before. that's what summer is for, right?
+ my brother celebrated his 30th birthday & we surprised him twice (first time on his actual bday at the keg, then at his house for a party) his fiance planned everything, she rules.
+ mikey's bands the lumbermen shot their first music video sponsored by volcom & it was such a great time!
+ mikey's other band cross dog had their first show & it went off without a hitch! i also just went to toronto to see them earlier this week, for their 3rd show
+ went to a sweet art show hosted by friends & had lovely conversation, some i won't soon forget
+ oh ya and i dropped my iphone at kyles 30th and it's screwed...incase you're wondering where i've been on IG lately; hopefully getting it replaced this weekend!

coming up for the rest of the summer...(can't believe it's already august)
+ jewelry trade show in toronto this weekend with work
+ family reunion party the following weekend
+ party times with work the weekend after that
+ then heading to the toronto shoe show for work (one of my fave weekends of the summer, i really love being a part of the buying process at my job!)
then summer's over & soon it will be my favourite season EVER, fall!! mikey & i are also whole 30'ing again for september so that's always a tiny adventure.

...& then i'll start blogging again more regularly & you'll wish i hadn't of, because i will be taking about fall & only fall & you'll get sick of me pretty quickly ;)

anyyyyhow, just wanted to stop in...let you know i'm still alive & well!