August 13, 2013

something new

this isn't exactly what i would call a typical black&bronze piece but i've fallen in love with how it turned out. today was one of those days where i woke up feeling really inspired & wanted to get a lot done...the best thing i did was workout & go for a run after an unmentionable 'break' but then the rest of the day i kept starting something, then switching to something else & was having a hard time focusing, making me feel completely uninspired almost immediately.

late afternoon-evening it cooled down a TON outside (it felt like fall!) i had my tea on the balcony & sorted through my thoughts & when i came in i felt refreshed - both literally & figuratively. when i sat down, this re-purposed statement necklace is what my hands created, so my day of frustrating starts was turned around & i feel like something good came from it.

this piece is not yet in the shop but if you are interested in it, it's $48 & you can email me at