August 18, 2013

there's something so refreshing about this time of year. summer is almost over, my favourite season is nearing & i get this surge of change...of wanting to make changes & make some resolutions. i'm not going to write out all of my resolutions and changes i want to make here, because that seems like something the old me would do, to make me be 'held accountable' right? but no one calls you out on your shit, no one keeps up with it, you can't make anyone be accountable for your actions but your own. so here's to me. here's to holding myself accountable & not giving in to easy temptations because i know what i want & i know how badly i want it & i know that i'm the only person who can do it. 

i came home from a relaxing weekend away at my parents & all i wanted to do was sit down (again...) instead i put away all of my laundry, went for a long run & made myself a healthy dinner, then i had a tea on the balcony. you know when somethings just feel like you've been given the chance to start over, to start fresh? today felt like that for me.

here's to new beginnings my friends.