September 25, 2013

hair woes.

today i'm saying goodbye to my mermaid hair, my 'alanis morisette', my security blanket of sorts. my goal was to grow my hair so long...i'm not sure why, i guess there's something desirable about long hair, also we always want what we don't have, right? but now that i have it...and have had it, for quite some time, i don't want it anymore. i'm feeling the need for something fresh, so i'm gonna chop off a good 5 or 6" & see how that feels...

...this chick made me want her hair & seeing as my bangs are grown out now, i realize i can have it. i'm sure (in fact i know) there will be days that i miss it, but ultimately it's just hair...right?

& here's what i'm currently listening to, because new music is fun & this band rules...& is canadian!