October 4, 2013

i know most of you instagrammers have already seen the new 'do but for the rest of y'all, here it is! i chopped off a solid 8 or so inches & damn does it ever feel good!! i immediately loved it, then of course had a minor freakout of 'what did i just do?' then once i had showered & realized it took me 10 minutes now to blow dry & straighten/style, i was officially in love.

lately we've been having super bizarre weather. the mornings feel like fall, the leaves are changing & falling & yet the afternoons you'd be more comfortable in shorts & a t-shirt. i swear october has felt more like summer than summer did. mother natures cray!

 at the same time i love outfits like the one above so i guess i'm not complaining...but kind of because i'm scared that we're gonna go straight from this weather into winter, and that would not be okay!!

last night mikeys band cross dog played at the largest venue to date...& they were opening for the misfits, so that was pretty damn cool. i've talked about it on IG & facebook so everyone's probably sick of hearing me say how proud of them i am, but i really & truly am. they've come so far and accomplished so much in such a short period of time & it's really amazing. seeing people buy their merch after hearing them play, seeing people getting into their music who have never seen them before, and seeing them on this massive stage in front of so many people was really fucking cool! so proud of my boy. 

 work today (tgif though!) then heading to toronto for a wedding this weekend of my childhood best friend, it should be a blast...i mean weddings usually are!!