October 9, 2013

on growing older

it's funny, lately i've caught myself looking in the mirror, at my reflection, a little differently...

this morning while applying my makeup, i asked mikey "do you ever look in the mirror & realize you're getting older?" ...lately it's all i can see. i don't mean this in a negative way, really just the opposite actually. seeing wrinkles under my eyes that weren't there before or a new grey hair pop up. i've never been afraid of getting older, in fact when i was younger i always seemed to want to be older than i was. sometimes i still feel that way. i know i should never (& would never want to) wish away my youth...but i guess i can't help just wondering what those coming years will bring; marriage, a house, babies...all that jazz ;) 

mikey's reponse to the question, by the way was "yup, we're not 20 anymore" & then we talked about how we're closer to 30 instead of 20 & how that's sort of scary...but not really.

a friend desiree tweeted today asking what age you feel, no matter what age you really are, how old do you generally feel? i've always felt 25. when i was 21, now at 27, i feel 25. i like that number too...right in between 20 & 30, i feel like it's a good age to be.

at the same time, growing old...i mean really old, like 75+ kind of terrifies me. a woman in the shop the other day said "you don't ever want to get old, growing old is terrible" & i couldn't help but feel my heart go out to her. of course growing old isn't ideal...no one wants to grow old, really...but i feel as though we should be able to appreciate our previous years & embrace the ones to come. i just hope that when i grow older i am still surrounded by friends & family as i know loneliness would be the most terrifying part of getting old, to me.

what are your thoughts on this? aging?