October 28, 2013

good things, borrowed from a friend

my pal iris over at bossy femme often does blog posts called 'good things' & they're one of my favourite things about the internet, really & truly. whenever i see one pop up in my feed i get excited because iris has a pretty little way with words. tonight i decided to do a good things post...

i'm kind of obsessed with ms mr right now. they rule. if you haven't listened to them yet, press play below & enjoy...

this video makes me want to dye my hair blue (i had this same 'want' a few years ago when i saw juliette lewis with her pretty blue hairs) barfing sparkles looks fun & i also really love the imagery of the hands beating the tables through the chorus...something about it. listen to the full album here

i made these little bacon&egg breakfast muffins the other day & it made me feel domestic & awesome. oh ya & they were freaking delicious. 

i've been talking about babies a lot lately. alternatively i feel as though i have been drinking more wine lately, maybe in preparation for when the time comes where i can't drink it for 9 months. or, these two things have nothing in common & my brain is just being silly. side note: mikey & i want babies one day, just not yet (don't freak out)

i have the day off tomorrow. i also have this weekend off (both days!) & it's exciting. we're celebrating hallowe'en this saturday at a friends house. house parties are good things...always good things. 

i can't wait to slowly wake up tomorrow & drink multiple cups of coffee before heading to my friend teddy's place where i'm going to get a pretty new piece of art on my skin.

i really love grocery shopping. if it were up to me (& my pocketbook) i'd spend a lot more time grocery shopping. it's calming & enjoyable for me. speaking of which, i picked up this 12$ scent tonight while grocery shopping & i'm in love...

good things are good. these posts are good. iris, i hope you don't mind me biting your blog feature.