October 24, 2013

yesterday i wore track pants in public for the first time ever. yes i'm serious. i don't know if it's because i live in a city where people think it's normal & okay to wear plaid pajama pants or track pants on a day-to-day basis that made me despise this particular 'look' but i've always hated it & think that it's wrong. pajama pants are to be worn as pajama's, track pants are to be worn in the comfort of your home, double stamped it, no erasies. but then pinterest showed me it was okay to wear joggers (cause calling it joggers means it's not track pants & therefore it's ok) & that they could even be considered fashionable...am i pushing it? either way i don't really give a sheee-it because i did it & it won't be the last time either. i was so damn comfy, all day long. maybe you're not ok with it, but that's okay, i was you once too...you'll come around. try it, i dare you.

outfit details:
'joggers' - F21
tee - old navy
army jacket - obey
jean jacket - thrifted 
scarf - s.o.s
converse - s.o.s

also, the girl at the wine shop told me she liked my style...while i was wearing track pants so that's gotta mean something, right??

wearing joggers is kind of ironic for me right now because the last thing i've been doing lately is jogging (i wish i were though) i've been having chronic foot pains near the bone/base of my big toe for a week straight & mama thinks i'm growing a bunion just like she has, hip hip hooray! i thought bunions were for old people, turns out that's not true. i haven't gotten it looked at yet, but seeing as both of my jobs require me to stand on my foot, nothing has been improving. looks like my next day off will be spent at a walk-in clinic or a podiatrists...ugh.

on a happier note, this is fucking adorable: