December 9, 2013

hello! is anyone out there? 

i've totally been out of the blogosphere lately. i'm still reading but haven't had much to say. it's a busy time of year seeing as i work in retail, but also just life in general this time of year (/always) & i am trying to desperately wrap my head around the fact that it's even december & that 2013 is almost over. i'm kind of having a weird freak out about it. talking to my gramma on the phone the other day & mentioning how fast time was flying, she said 'wait til you get older' but fuck, i don't think time could possibly go by any quicker. when i'm not at work i've been drinking wine & going to bed early. haha, i wish that was a joke, but it's not. i've been having drinks with friends & enjoying their company, or with mikey at home. i've been going to bed hella we're talking 7:30 the other night. it just gets dark so early & so my body is tricked into thinking it's much later than it is & well, i love sleeping. so drinking & sleeping haha...that sounds like i'm depressed, but actually it's just winter time and realistically what else is there to do right? 

i'm looking forward to a few things, want to hear about them? ok.

+ chopping off a few more inches of my hair on wednesday & throwing in some more highlights...


& length

+ i'm trying suspension yoga this week. never heard of it? i hadn't either until a friend mentioned it. google it! it's kind of terrifying but looks awesome.

+ this weekend is our (extended) family christmas, i'm looking forward to seeing everyone!
+ this sweater
it's the coziest thing. mikey calls it my baby owl sweater cause well, you can figure that one out. i never want to take it off!
+ christmas! & spending it at my parents place. i'm thankful my brother has an awesome job that gave him a lot of time off this christmas because a few years he's had to work.
+ JAMAICA!!! we leave for jamaica on dec.30th & i am so goddamn excited i can barely sleep at night (just kidding we already went over this, i love sleeping) & incase you didn't know, we're going there because my brother is getting married! i'm also really excited that we'll be there for new years eve (which also happens to be my dads birthday!) exciting times.
+ i am also looking forward to year, new beginnings, yada yada...i know it's cheesy but i really like the hope & freshness of a new year. 

tell me what's going on with you guys!

what are you looking forward to??