December 10, 2013

how to style: leather trackies

as the saying goes, trends come & go but leather track pants are forever. 
or something like that.

it's not often that a trend really 'gets' me. i find i used to fall prey to trends a lot more when i was younger, spending money on fast fashions & trendy pieces when in reality those are the pieces i would wear a total of 3x & then get sick of because well, fast fashion. i generally tend to enjoy more textured trends like leather, denim, chambray & not necessarily aztec, polka dots, skulls...

anyways, recently we got in leather(ette) track pants at the shops & i scooped up a pair the second they hit the floor. other than the fact that they are a tad noisey (maybe that's just my thighs rubbing together, lets be honest) i am in love with them. i know i had a few qualms about 'how the heck am i going to style these?' & now that i've figured it out, i thought i'd share...

worn with a simple tee & a statement necklace. this is generally how i wear them. front tuck though, front tuck is your friend.

with a button down, makes things a bit more sophisticated. i've worn them like this but just with a front tuck, not a full tuck.

this rules. white tee, blazer, red lips...haven't tried this one yet but i'm digging it. definitely will try for work this week. wishing desperately that i could wear heels as it totally polishes off this look.

comfy caj (abbreviation of casual...always wondered how to spell that)
maybe not work appropriate but definitely day off appropriate. aka: today. ps: i've been up since 6am, why on idea!

black on black. always appropriate. throw in some metal (jewelry, not music) & you're set!

whatever you do, do not wear them like so...

birks? what in the what. i know this is a dude but still. not sure how i feel about dude track pants, though styled properly (aka: not like this) i'm sure they could fly.

most gals (in the fashion blog world) are wearing these with heels, i however do not wear heels, try pairing them with ankle boots or a smoking slipper flat.

what do you think, leather track this a trend you'll try or skip?