December 13, 2013

hair & outfits & stuff

please excuse the dirty mirrors. they never seem that dirty in real life, do they? i cut my hair shorter by another few inches & lightened it this week. this was the length i think i was going for when i chopped my waist-length hair but was a little too afraid at first. i'm in love with it though. it's nice when you bring in a photo to a hair dresser & they make you look just like it. for reference, i had showed her this photo for length:

& colour i just wanted to go lighter...& hurray, it was done & i love it! then of course i had the thought of 'sooo...i wonder if i'll only love it curled/styled' but today i straightened it & nope, i love it like this as well *pwef*

i feel like maybe i've stepped up my 'i'm 27 years old, take me seriously' game. does that make any sense? i guess i just feel a bit more my age with this haircut. i don't know, it makes sense in my head.

tomorrow i'm heading to my auntie linda's for our annual family christmas & i'm really looking forward to it. some of my aunts, uncles & cousins i only see twice a year so it's always a good time! what are you up to this weekend? christmas is 11 days away & that's kind of nutty!! that also means jamaica is only 16 days away, holycrapimsofreakingexciteddddddd