January 7, 2014 resolutions

as i blogger i definitely feel the need to share my goals or resolutions for 2014. i mean, i don't have to do anything but to be honest it's a great space to document them & i always like reading other peoples resolutions & adding more to my own list. i definitely had a lot of goals & dreams for 2013, yearly, monthly & sometimes daily & to be honest, most of the time i let myself down. no one to blame but yourself when those things happen right? this year i don't want that to be the case. so...here's a list of things i'd love to accomplish this year:

+ i'll just get the most cliche one out of the way right off the hop: get healthy! it felt so great when i was on the whole30 & eating clean...i need to remember that feeling when making food choices. i have a very sensitive stomach & could live more comfortably if i put more thought into my food choices. also, i've been paying for a gym membership that has been poorly neglected for months. time to get back at it! i know i have the ability to be in really amazing shape, but i'm also really awesome at eating entire bags of S&V potato chips (like, really amazing) no more!! i almost want to tell the employees at the convenience store across the street to ban me, unless i'm buying milk or eggs...yes it's that bad

...also, i've got baby fever, hard (don't freak out yet!). there are a few (read: many) things that i'd like to accomplish before i even start to think about this however maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an important first step to that process as well & it's never to early to make that a priority anyways

+ get my license. this will 100% happen this year because we already have a car waiting in the driveway for us, the motivation is right in front of our noses!!

+ set weekly & daily goals & remember that everyday is a new day to start fresh...cheesy but true when it comes to completing goals!

+ be more patient. i get snappy too often with the ones i love (primarily mikey) & it's not fair to take whatever craziness is going on in my brain out on them/him

+ save more money. budgeting can actually be fun...so can shopping, but i just need to remember how good it feels to have $$ in my savings account. we want to buy a house as well (not exactly a goal for this year as i don't think it's possible) but i'd like to be one step closer to making it possible

+ learn how to use my DSLR camera...it's only been 3 years. example: i just went to jamaica for 7 days & didn't take a single photo

+ i want to feel motivated, in all aspects of my life, whether that be to get up an hour early to get a workout in or come home & make a healthy dinner instead of plopping myself on the couch. i want to feel motivated & energized & less lethargic

+ i want to expand black&bronze. i want to feel proud of my little etsy shop & have time & love to put into it

+ incorporate yoga into my life. i did hot yoga once & have done home DVDs a few times & always really enjoy it. i want this to happen. also i really want to try suspension yoga as well!

+ spend time thinking about what i want out of life, on a daily basis. life goes by way too fast & sometimes i feel so caught up in daily routine that i lose touch with what i want

i'm sure i'll be back often as this list grows & hopefully with some progress on the goals i've already made. i feel awesome about this year! i say it every year but i need to make it count..