January 8, 2014


i just got back from one of the best trip of my life. this past week i...
+ spent NYE on the beautiful island of jamaica
+ was a bridesmaid for the 1st time
+ watched my big brother get married

+ gained a sister
+ took a crazy wavy/drunken boat ride to a magical lagoon that glowed when you jumped in (at night time)
+ went snorkeling
+ went to margaritaville
+ got drunk on a boat
+ hell, got drunk almost everyday
+ made new friends
+ smoked the Jamaican ganj
+ ate fantastic food
+ got a hot stone massage
+ fell in love with a place i'll definitely be back to

i'm definitely sad to be back and having some post vacation blues for sure. it doesn't help when you come back to -37 temperatures...ugh, canada!! jamaican people are so friendly!! mikey & i have been to all-inclusives in dominican, cuba (2x) & now jamaica & we absolutely recommend jamaica. now granted this time we stayed at a 5* & normally we stay at 4* but still...the food, the beach, the people, the cleanliness, the drinks, the staff - everything was top notch! not to mention the beautiful wedding that took place, it couldn't have been more perfect.

now it's back to life, back to reality. it's freezing cold here in canada but i'm keeping my spirits high with the promise of a new year.