January 29, 2014


once again it's been a few weeks. i'm not even going to apologize anymore. that's kind of the wonderful thing about this blog, it's mine & therefore i shouldn't really feel bad if i haven't posted in weeks or months because ultimately that's my choice. 

it's still winter. i'm officially over it. it's only the end of january & already this has been the longest winter ever...not even exaggerating. i feel like everyone's in the same boat on this one so you can probably agree with me there...unless you live somewhere that hasn't gotten the #polarvortex & in which case you can (politely) go to hell. 

i cut my hair...yes, again. third times a charm so they say, right? i agree. i'm totally in love with this length. it's been about 6'ish years since i've had my hair this short & damn, i forgot how easy it was. i foresee it staying this way for quite some time.

so...blogging. blogging is funny. i feel like it's about 93% been replaced by instagram. i know i personally still love reading blogs, when i have the time, but more often than not i stay up to date with my favourite people via instagram, and i'm kind of okay with that. you can definitely find me more often on IG or even pinterest

other then 'my new haircut' (remember that youtube video?) not much to report here. still going to the gym & therefore keeping up with one of my NY resolutions, could be eating better though (always) i've also been tanning a few times a week since we got back from jamaica..ya ya, i knooow it's terrible for you, but hey man, whatever keeps you happy & alive in the winter, that's whats important right? i'm excited for january to be over. one step closer to winter being done-zo...also my brother & carrie are having their ontario wedding reception (on valentines day) which is something i'm looking forward to + that same weekend mikey & i are heading to toronto for our six year anniversary (SIX YEARS YOU GUYS!!!) & i am 100% looking forward to that...and what else happens in february, the shoe show with work, a trade show that i always look forward to...booking fall is always my favourite...and yes, one step closer to spring. did i mention how much i'm hating winter this year??

oh & here's a song i'm into currently...