March 23, 2014

1/ white on white for spring. 
y'know, still keeping it neutral but a fresh look for spring...the spring that does not seem to want to come out here in canada. the birds are chirping but they must be cold because it's still -10. i cannot wait to wear lighter layers!!

2/ these nails.
i just did this while enjoying my sunday morning coffee, but put a nude in the background for a bit more polished look rather than no polish. i'm really diggin' it...might be my go-to for spring! clean&simple but still interesting.

3/ changing up decor.
spring is totally that time of year for me where i crave change...hard. i've already chopped my hair (4x in the past 6 months haha) i want a wardrobe overhaul (slowly but surely) & i want to re-decorate & gut our place. i have my own closet/office room & i really want to switch it up from what it's doing right now. black&white seems to be where my heart is lately when it comes to fashion & decor so black&white it is! 

are you guys getting bored of my black&white collages yet? i can't help it!! maybe spring will inject some colour into my life, but so far, no dice!