March 5, 2014


last week i cancelled my gym membership & it felt GREAT. 
probably the only time that i've quit something & felt better than not quitting. 

no longer do i feel the extreme guilt when i don't get to go & then see the money coming out of my bank account. no longer do i feel like i should just go after work even though i have zero desire to, simply because i am paying for it. 

they made it super easy to go too. they had emptied my locker (for no reason at all) a week prior to me cancelling, so handed me my things in a garbage bag, including my lock that was cut (when i had been paying for a locker rental all along). they also asked me what my personal fitness goals were going forward, to which i replied "none of your fucking business" ...just kidding. i told them, but the whole time i was wondering why i was telling them, when i was cancelling my membership, not starting one. anyways, they made me feel like i was truly making the right decision, i've always felt the people at good life to be a bit pushy for my liking.

on that note, one of my NY resolutions was to go to the gym, or rather to exercise more often than i had been in the months leading up to 2014. i have a few of jillian michaels DVDs that i have been using & enjoying & can i just say that working out at home rules. you don't have to worry about a) what you look like, b) what you're wearing, c) what time it is & the list goes on. there are so many great workouts you can do at home & even online now. i've been blown away at the exercises i've seen on pinterest that are great & require little to no equipment. i'm also eating cleaner than i was a few months ago & that feels good too. 

i'm not sure why i'm sharing this little tid bit of my life, but there it is folks. maybe because i feel like it's going to be a turning point. gyms are shitty. working out at home feels good. the end.