April 25, 2014

1/ kimonos.
i just want all of the kimonos & pretty cover ups for spring & summer. i have a few in my collection but would love to add some pretty, fringey, boho pieces like this one to it.

2/ home shopping.
i have an intense desire to buy a home. not that we're ANYWHERE close to this part of our lives, but holy shit i've never wanted one more. i blame this desire on running. weird right? but i run by so many beautiful homes that are for sale & can't help but get lost in thoughts of decorating it & hanging out on the porch & in the backyard for the rest of the run...or goats cheese...yesterday i thought about goats cheese for my entire run haha ;)

3/ which brings us to the whole 30.
you guys are probably sick of hearing about this...or seeing it on my instagram, or reading about it on my twitter...but i can't help it, it's awesome, i love it, and i have a lot of thoughts on it, which i will spare you for now.

4/ black&bronze.
lately i've been realllllly lacking in the creative department. i haven't updated my etsy shop in lord knows how long & have only done a few small updates on instagram. just like the home, i have an intense desire to create right now. i ordered more supplies the other day so hopefully when they arrive the fire will still be going!