April 25, 2014

the best week

you guys this week has kind of been the best...
it started with an awesome easter dinner at mikey's mums place with family. i cannot wait until it's summer as they live in an old marina on the water & well, it's the best. between the two of our parents we have some pretty sweet places (both on the water) to spend time at.
i got to spend a few days looking after my favourite little dude, my bosses son who makes my heart so very happy.

my day off today was spent getting 'groceries & shit' and also this new, amazing tote bag from burrow; one of the cutest shops in our town. you can get one online here

i also spent the day painting donuts onto my nails after catching up on blog reading & seeing kaelah post them here, i was feeling inspired...& hungry for things i can't eat right now...haha
we finally got our record player up & working again...by 'we' i mean mikey fixed it up & i am so thankful. i listened to some of my favourite records today while i cleaned. 'morning view' by incubus will always be on my top 5 favourite albums...it might even be #1 on that list. i also listened to apparat which i haven't heard for some time, but who i adore, such easy listening. i now have on 'face value' which is my fave phil collins album. my parents gave me a ton of their records & i am so thankful to have them.

tomorrow i work & then we're going to see jerry seinfeld (!!!) he's performing in my (small) city which is kind of bizarre but also really awesome so i'm super excited for that.

what have you guys been up to this week? 
got any fun plans for the weekend?