April 28, 2014

running away

i know that 'inspirational quotes' can be super lame & i mostly roll my eyes at them & think they're silly, but you know what guys? sometimes they're exactly what you need to see in that exact moment (that you're on pinterest) & they put into words what you can't seem to...& for that, they're wonderful. this isn't necessarily one of them but kind of...

now i'm going to throw a nike ad at you...


lately i've been running. i use the nike running app & it's fucking incredible. there's nothing overly special about it; it tells you how far you've ran, how long you've been gone for, calories, etc...but what it also does is give you 'medals' & badges for running __x a week, shows you your fastest 5K, etc...and that feels good. it also shows you your 'nike fuel' which is explained as a universal measurement of activity, a # that shows how much you move...so really, nothing overly special, you don't get prizes or anything (though you should...nike could certainly afford it) but for whatever reason i love seeing this number go up. i love getting the 'you ran 3x in 1 week' badge because it means i got up off my butt & did something. today i came home from work with tired feet, tired eyes & tired legs & all i wanted to do was sleep. instead i laced up my running shoes & went for a run. it wasn't a long run, i was gone for a little over a half hour but i did it...i wasn't sitting on the couch & that's what matters, and you know something, running is friggin' therapeutic you guys. holy moly!! like the 'inspirational quote/poster' says above, when you run you get to run away from things, for the time that you're running, you don't have to think about lifes little shitty shits...you just get to run. i mean, it's the easiest form of exercise...i don't know what's easier than running because all you need is your legs & anyone can do it...well, i guess not everyone, but everyone with mobile legs ;) & i love it. i love running & i never thought i'd be someone who loved any form of exercise but here i am, i just had to find it. 

if you haven't tried running or think you're bad at it or you don't like it, i urge you to try again. whether you need a playlist to pump you up, or you just want the silence after a long day, it's truly refreshing to go for a run. especially now that the weather is getting oh-so-good...do it you guys...just do it ;)

i promise this post was in no way, shape or form affiliated with nike. they didn't pay me to post their cheesy poster or say 'just do it' i just really like running.