May 11, 2014

inspiration is powerful

the internet is a pretty cool place. sometimes it can be a terrible, mean place but other times it can be a wonderful & inspiring place & lately i've been feeling the latter.

the internet can become  a very influential place & sometimes i am very easily influenced by it. fellow bloggers or people who read blogs often will especially know what i'm talking about. who hasn't felt like they wanted, sorry needed something because so-and-so has it or you saw it on someone & loved it. i mean everyone is constantly being bombarded by advertisements in the media whether it be tv, radio, internet, magazines, it's also on social media; blogs, facebook, twitter, pinterest,'s hard not to be affected by it, and you can let it consume you & bring you down OR you can use it in a positive way.

lately i've been trying to use social media in a positive way...
here's how:
+ use pinterest to find recipes & exercises you can make/do at home
+ follow people on instagram who inspire you
+ unfollow people who don't (it's quite simple)
+ search hashtags for people with common interests (lately i've been following #whole30, #cleaneating #paleo)
+ post things that mean something to you
+ pin those cheesy inspirational quotes (some really resonate)

it's really awesome that changing the people you follow on instagram can sort of change your outlook on life. i've recently started following more active people. i like following people who are making delicious paleo meals, are posting quick workout videos, are happy & positive, who are posting things that i actually care about, you know?
i've had several people now tell me that they're doing the whole30 challenge because they saw a post i did. i know not everyone likes seeing foodie photos but i do & that's inspired some people to try it. that's a cool feeling. the other day alexz tagged me in an IG photo & said she was running because she was inspired by my running lately. i definitely feel inspired by crazy, whether it be to exercise or get creating for black & bronze, or a new meal to try, inspiration is a powerful thing.

if i'm trying to cut back on shopping or am doing a shopping ban, i will unfollow brands for a little bit. it might seem silly but it helps. you're not constantly having things that you want right in front of your face OR on the flip side, when i do constantly have something in my face (like healthy people doing healthy things) i am more likely to make healthy choices or have motivation to go for my run after work.