May 9, 2014

life & things & stuff.

my pal amy wrote a blog post about growing up, not giving a shit & loving mornings...they all kind of have something to do with each other, but mostly i just love that we always seem to be on the same page though we live miles apart & don't talk too often. i kind of love that about meet friends who if you were just in the same damn town, you'd be bff's, because everytime they write a new post, you can relate. it's awesome. it's also frustrating because she resides in utah & i in ontario...not even the same country.

anyways, it got me thinking about her posts often do, and i feel as though i've grown up a lot in the last year. no i still don't have a 'career job' per se nor has anything "grown up" taken place (buying a house, engagements, preggo) nothing like that, but i feel as though i have done some growing. i do not feel as though i am the same person at (almost) 28 that i was at (almost) 27. this time last year, as much as i would have probably said i knew myself, i feel a lot more confident in myself & who i am today. i am one month away from turning 28 & as much as that number is not old, it's also not super young either. i feel much better about my general outlook on life & happiness & what everything means. by no way am i saying that i have anything 'figured out' (because i don't. but do we ever? really...) but i feel more sure of myself, of my life & the choices i'm making. i feel more confident in the aspects of my life that matter most. i know what people & things mean most to me. i know who i enjoy spending time with. i know it's okay to stay in because chances are i'm not missing out on anything. i know that being in bed by 10pm makes me happy. i know that i enjoy spending time with myself. i know that my friends are amazing & as we grow up, we change. and that's okay. i know that life is beautiful & sometimes you have to search for that beauty. i am comfortable in the skin & the clothes i wear. i know that my health is my #1 priority. i know (now) that i really like running. i know what i like & i don't care as much what everyone else does. i know who i want to spend my life with. i know the things that i want out of life & feel confident that i will have them. one day. 

& on that note...the only constant is change. changes are what help us grow. i used to sleep in. i used to freaking LOVE sleeping in. granted i still love sleeping, that part has not changed...but instead of sleeping in, i go to bed early & wake up early & i'm kiiiind of obsessed with it. i love my mornings. my morning routine is generally the same everyday, just a little bit slower on my days off of course. i wake up at 7:45am almost like clockwork. at this point i don't even need to set an alarm (of course i still do) i make a coffee & a smoothie, if i need a shower i shower, i'll check up on ig/facebook/pinterest & relax a bit, sometimes do some short exercises. mikey doesn't get up until 9 & i enjoy my morning 'me' time. i also enjoy my evening 'me time' & my day off 'me time' haha...i enjoy hanging out with me & the older i get, the more i enjoy this fact.

anyway, life you guys. it's good!