May 6, 2014

the gnarly whale // shop clean + discount code

i don't remember the first time i ordered from the gnarly whale must've been over 2 years ago now though. my first ordered included a few soaps, the detangler & beach waves hair spray. when my hair was super long (not that long ago) this detangler was a miracle worker, as i started to lighten my hair, the tanglier it got & with a few sprays of the detangler it was 100x easier to brush through. over the years i've tried many of the soaps & while oatmeal milk & honey tends to be my favourite scent of theirs (in general) i have yet to try one that i dislike. i currently have 'winter mint' in my shower & it's heavenly. 

i recently downloaded the 'think dirty' app. ever heard of it? it's fantastic! you can scan any barcode of most products & it will tell you all the dirty shit that's in it. here i was using my favourite body lotion 'hempz' thinking it's all green & stuff & nooope, it's a 10 on the dirty scale! my vichy face cleanser & toner - also a 10, awful! basically the majority of the things i was using on my skin, letting sink into my skin had all sorts of carcinogens & toxicities in them...gross, no thank you. i urge you to download & scan your bathroom shelves. it's an eye opener...

anyways, so in my last order i placed, i grabbed their green tea facial toner in 'peppermint' & wow. this stuff is refreshing! you spray it directly onto your face & it's so refreshing after washing your face or sometimes i'll use it after a run...or sometimes i'm just in the bathroom & give myself a spray because it feels awesome!

i also use their sugar scrub exfoliator (which can only be purchased through their website) & it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth which is something i've always taken pride in! use it on your face & body & if it happens to land on your lips & you have a taste that's okay too because it's 100% vegan ;) & sort of delicious...

using all natural products is something that has become of utmost importance to me. putting clean food into my body makes sense to us and yet half of us don't even realize all the crap that is in the lotions & products that we slather on our bodies & let sink into our skin...think about that. 

the gnarly whale shop has been kind enough to offer a coupon code to my readers, & i absolutely recommend you taking advantage! 
enter code missteacups25 for 25% OFF your order on etsy or their website
their prices are already extremely reasonable for the amount of product you get but so the coupon code is just an added bonus really. 

disclaimer// i've written before about the gnarly whale & once again, i have zero affiliation with them unless you include the odd twitter convo or my orders but they have in no way, shape or form paid or asked me to write about them here on miss teacups & all views are my own.