September 29, 2010

( hello kitty )

i know i'm not the only crazy obsessed hello kitty fan out there...and for the rest of you, check out this ridiculousness

one word: yes.

best bus i've ever seen. ever.

hello kitty wedding cake, omg!!!
i'm i?

y'know if i had a car...or my license for that matter!

nasty feets but cute toenails right?

alright this is a little much, even for me! haha

i would totally wear this!

cutest. the baby & the tub!

whoa, really? how many gun owners would be obsessed with hello kitty. i mean really!

awesome play store. when i was little i had one of these and decided then that i wanted to be a 'cash register person' when i grew up! i think i just liked pushing buttons.

& this is what that pasta looked like that i had. i had a bowl the other day. it was trying to be all healthy with whole wheat noodles and stuff, just didn't taste the same. i mean, c'mon...i'm eating ravioli or whatever this stuff is called, i'm obviously not making healthy choices by getting this!