September 30, 2010

today was a sad day...
today i had to take out my skin diver that i had under my left collar bone. it was my favourite piercing and i will miss my little diamond so much. this past week it had been getting red & a little bit ouchy so i decided it was time to go :( apparently they don't have a very long life span least i still have my nape (surprising though, i was told they reject often & i've had mine for almost 5 years)
today i had a math test at 5 o'clock which went well i'm pretty sure & then tonight mikey & i went to see the legend of the guardian: the owls of ga'hoole in 3D & it was so pretty & magical. the owls were so incredibly cute & soft looking. there's a scene at the end with all of the baby owls and i just wanted to crawl into the screen & hangout with them!!