September 29, 2010

so dying my hair did nada...
it was a red that i used but i guess my hair was too dark so it lightened it a tad buuut not much else. that's okay because about half way through i was thinking 'what am i doing...i like my hair dark' and want it darker brown again sooo i'll do that in a couple weeks, haha. ya ya i know, i'm the most undecisive person when it comes down to my hair. i'm okay with it.

top -H&M
wide leg jeans - fidelity
belt - thrifted
headband - fabricland

i've decided to do more outfits posts again. everyone seems to like outfit posts. i know i like to see what others are wearing & pull inspiration from them & since i'll be working somewhere that will actually appreciate my style (dress code at my old work might as well have been track pants, yuck) i thought it'd be a good time to start up outfit posts again! really wish i had a tripod though...mirror shots are lame.

anyway. i was starting to think as well...
what do you guys (my readers) want to see more of on my blog?
i know a lot of bloggers have daily features and things & i feel like i've been a bad blogger lately just posting about everyday crap that people probably don't care about (haha, right?) so what are some features or things you like to see on blogs and would like to see on mine? feedback would be much appreciated as i'm lacking motivation and inspiration sometimes lately...

thanks guys love you!
ps: we found out our departments tonight at work & i'm going to be in kids :) so stoked as that is where i was hoping they'd put me!!