September 27, 2010

( updates )

this weekend was really nice; being able to spend some time at home with my family was definitely much needed. friday night i watched the first episode of greys (obviously not as good as last seasons finale; omg i had forgotten how intense it was. i had to re-watch it as i had forgotten what had happened) gosh that show is emotional. does anyone else watch it? i cry at least twice per episode.

saturday i worked. it was really fun being in store and on the floor. i think i am really really going to love this job and am SO excited to open our location here in town. saturday night megs came over, had some drinks, went out for a couple more drinks & then had a sleepover at my place.

sunday was work again, i was in the kids department all day and that was a lot of fun! also, i was in love! their girls section is pretty much entirely hello kitty right now, sooo many adorable pieces. i really just wanted everything to be in my size! everybody at work is clearly already aware of my HK obsession :)

i had school today and have gotten some marks back already. i 100% first math test, 78% on my first bookkeeping test & we had a test in office procedures today & i'll get at least a 90 as i was extremely confident while writing it and knew the answers, yay! i haven't really mentioned much about school lately but it's going really well. i'm enjoying it so far and love waking up with a purpose & having homework at night & a concrete schedule's actually really nice :)

tonight mikey is taking me out for dinner which will be nice. i just called to make reservations though & one of our favourite 'special' spots (we don't go there that often) has closed...bummer! it was delicious

(mum&dad, it was that nicolinis place we went to a few times)

anyway, i'm going to go dye my hair...i have an extra one under the sink. might as well! we'll see how it turns out over top the dark.