May 18, 2011

( a peek into our home )

got this print at ikea for $13, love it

my favourite corner

& other favourite corner,

incase you're confused the instax polaroids are covering the inside trim of the doorway...a perfect spot for them

this is a work in progress, i want the whole staircase wall covered

this is something i've done in our last two places, i think it's cute :)

i wish i had of taken a photo with those cupboards open, they are filled with my vintage mug/cup collection!

i am obsessed with our kitchen floors!

that door on the right goes up to mikey's man cave/the second floor...which i totally didn't even think to take photos of; another day!

my grandpas globe ♥

doorway to my closet/craft/office room

it's coming along nicely! slowly but surely...we need some more art for the walls & things like that. it's beginning to feel more and more like home though, which is nice. by the end of the summer, we should be set!