May 19, 2011

( toronto blogger meetup )

an update on the toronto blogger meet up via julies blog

so i know we have a good amount of people interested in the meet up, however we are all busy and have different schedules so finding a day that works for everyone won't be easy!

julie and i were talking a while back about where to actually do the meet up and we both agreed that kensington market would be the perfect place! i'm sure if you live in toronto, or anywhere near, you can agree it's one of toronto's coolest places!

as far as what the day will entail i think a picnic would be SO cute. we could all meet together in kensington and get something from a shop/store/market, for a picnic:)

i figure the best way to figure out the date is to give a bunch of options (all weekends, of course) and get everyone to post which days DO work for them! sound good? good!

once we decide where to have it, and what day - we will get more into detail about how the day will go etc.. you can leave a comment here with any ideas or questions, and you can always email me too:

here is a list of some possible dates, please comment on the dates that work for you and we will go from there. this will be a huge start for us! i am so excited.

♥ saturday, june 11th
♥ saturday, june 18th
♥ saturday, july 9th
♥ sunday, july 10th
♥ saturday, july 30th
♥ sunday, july 31st
♥ saturday, august 6th
♥ sunday, august 7th
♥ saturday, august 20th
♥ sunday, august 21st
♥ sunday, august 28th