May 19, 2011

would you be intimidated by a girl with this face, a kitty cat ring & the word Peace tattooed on her hand?? ...shit, didn't think so.

haha...this totally doesn't look like the hand belongs to me.

what i'm trying to show off here, is the kitty cat ring that arrived for me in the mail today from the sweetest gal ever: miss amy if you aren't already familiar with her, please check out her blog. i fell in love with her pretty much instantly. i've come to the conclusion that the blogging community that i am involved in & the people i've met through blogging, are the best ever. honestly!! sweetest gals around.

so this is fun! ABC's of me & i took it from becky :)
another one of my favourite blogging pals!

Age: 25 (in less than a month, June 13th!)
Bed size: Double? enough for two.
Chore that you hate: Dusting/vacuuming (allergic to dust)
Dogs: We'll have a golden one day
Essential start to your day: Coffee or tea
Favorite color: I don't really have a favourite.

Gold or Silver: Silver
Height: 5'7"
Instruments you play: Not so much.
Job title: Part-time Responsible (H&M)

Kids: One day...
Live: Ontario
Mother's name: Beverley
Nicknames: Car is the most common that I get & then Mikey has about a zillion for me: teacup, toots, kiwi, etc...
Overnight hospital stays: I don't even know if I have?
Pet peeve: People who aren't punctual, people who chew with their mouth open, people with no manners, in general I guess...

Quote from a movie: -
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: Kyle & he's almost 28 (& he's awesome!!)
Time you wake up: Depends if I have somewhere to be. If I don't, then usually around 10am, I like to sleep-in but not totally waste my day.
Underwear: Yes, I quite like underwear (?)
Vegetable you hate: Radish
What makes you run late: I'm not usually late, hardly ever...I take pride in that.

X-Rays you've had: Just my teeth at the dentist
Yummy food that you make: Mikey & I make some pretty delicious meals together, I don't have a 'speciality' though
Zoo animal: The penguins & otters

That felt like one of those emails that would get sent around when I was younger, haha. Well, time to go to work, ta ta ♥