May 20, 2011

( outfit post + coffee love )

i have not done an outfit post in over a month, ack!!

outfit details

tank top - h&m

maxi skirt - h&m

jean jacket - not h&, thrifted

big yellow bag - .....also h&m

(what, i work there!!)

shoes - urban planet

(already falling apart. i paid ten whole dollars for them too...geez!)

the little dove is one that my best friend aly & i both have & the shark tooth is just plain awesome...mikey doesn't remember where it came from? and i thought it belonged to my dad, but it didn' who knows!?

totally unrelated...but! i want a keurig coffee maker.

i can thank the guys (+ 1 girl) over at page design for that new love...i got used to the delicious coffee when i was doing my placement and now my life is missing something...and i've realized it's a keurig coffee maker.

dear birthday gods,
please bring me a keurig single cup coffee maker.
love you lots...carly