May 20, 2011

( outfit post; so 70s! )

i know...two outfit posts in one day...consider it, making up for lost time

also, this is what i'm actually wearing today, the other one was from a week or so ago!

i know what you're thinking & yes, this is in fact the prettiest hat you've ever seen...

outfit details:
top: h&m ($5.95!)
maxi skirt: h&m
boots: thrifted, kensington market
belt: also thrifted
& i think we've all come to the conclusion that my outfits are mainly comprised of h&m and vintage...awesome...

haha deer head! no i didn't do this on purpose

.....ok, yes i did.

the best cowboy boots

terrible full body shot...but you get the idea.

also, i need a tripod...these mirror photos suuuuck

but i really love this outfit, a lot!

& cause i know what you were thinking...

what's miss andy electric doing today?

oh, sleepin'

& bein' a cutester...

have a great weekend!!

and for my fellow canadians, a great long weekend (may 2-4!)