June 15, 2011

( june 15th: outfit post )

outfit details:

top - marshalls

jean shorts - hand me downs from lianne (you'll be seeing these a lot, they are my current faves)

lace socks - ebay

booties - F21

how pretty are the sleeves on this top? even though the top is a bit big, i had to have it!! so off the shoulder it is...

today has been great so far. i went for a run this afternoon, had a refreshing shower & healthy lunch and soon will be heading to work...going to see the pack AD tonight play at a bar downtown so that should be fun! i've been getting mostly night shifts 4 or 5-9:30ish at H&M lately (other than weekends of course) and i'm really enjoying it as it frees up my daytimes so that i can enjoy the summertime :)