June 14, 2011

( who's afraid of the big bad wolf - outfit post )

outfit details:

top: old navy

skirt: marshalls

head scarf: thrifted

ring: obey

for my birthday, mikey got me this amazing wolf obey ring...& also a gift certificate for tattoo time with teddy! booking an appointment (or two) soon to get my owl side piece all finished up!

i know, it's amazing right?

wanna see my 'party trick' talents?

i can touch my tongue to my nose...i can also do a 4 leaf...3 leaf (?) clover with my tongue, forgot to photograph that one.

& i can cross my eyes...well, i can cross my eyes too but it looks weirder when you just do the one! & yes, it helps to make the fishy face as well.

can you tell i was bored today? i know what you're thinking...what about that 'to do' list you were talking about earlier...hehe...well, soooome things got crossed off. silly photoshoot was not on the list though...