October 21, 2011

outfit post ft.new blowfish boots!

outfit details:

black cotton dress - H&M

($19.95, i think everyone should own one! i own it in 2 colours!)

tights - F21

belt - thrifted

boots - c/o blowfish shoes

glasses - bleudame

how great are these boots?? they couldn't have come at a better time...i've been sick all week (hence no outfit posts) & after a long day at school yesterday, i came home & there they were...sitting on my doorstep!

they are the jackies in brown. i love the finish of them and how they look like they have been worn in...i'm always drawn to things that loom pre-loved and i think these totally have that vibe going on. not to mention, cognac is my faaaavourite colour for boots, it simply goes with everything. i can already tell these aren't leaving my feetsies anytime soon!

as i said, i haven't been feeling great this week so i've had lots of down time between tests and stuff at school, lots of tea & lots of naps.

i'm officially on reading week (a week off from college, from those saying 'reading what?') which i am desperately looking forward to!! i am also heading to a gorgeous cabin/resort this weekend with some friends & i can't wait for that!! relaxation, here i cooome :)

hope everyone has a great week!