November 15, 2011

outfit post: comfy doesn't mean sweatpants & ugg boots

so i have a bone to pick with...well, anyone who thinks that wearing pajama pants or track pants (regularly seen with ugg boots) in public is okay. which to be honest, probably isn't anyone reading this blog but still. this 'style' is something i see on a regular basis, mainly around college. i am ALL for dressing comfortably, don't get me wrong...but pajama pants are for...well, pajamas (crazy huh!) and track pants should be the pants you put on when you get home after a long day...i especially have a problem with men who wear track pants, for some reason it always seems like they're not wearing a very...*ahem* supportive underwear (c'mon, no one wants to see that!) anyways, this post is not about bashing people who wear pj pants & track pants (...yes it is...) it's about throwing on a pair of leggings, a comfy cardigan, some nice boots & being comfortable...and guess what, still feeling pretty darn cute.

outfit details

tank - H&M
tee - old navy
fringe cardigan - F21

leggings - H&M
scarf - H&M
boots - franco sarto

i've found a lot of fringed sweaters like this in shops that i really just can't afford right now so i was super stoked to find this one on the F21 website for a fraction of the cost!

these are my gorgeous franco boots that i got for my 25th birthday this past june. i was so surprised to open them up because i had been lusting after them back in february at a shop near my cottage but didn't have the funds to get them at the time. well, my parents being the sneaks that they are, went back the following weekend & picked them up for me! i was so happy to open them up months later ♥

i love the gorgeous lace detailing on them! & the colour is pretty wonderful too...

is it just me or does anyone else remember crackle nailpolish from years ago...i'm talking grade 6...i had it and i feel like no one remembers it from then! i was pretty excited to see it making a comeback this year. it looks pretty awesome over just about every nailpolish!

random side note: anyone else excited that it's clementine season? i friggin' love those little oranges!