February 5, 2013

around the blogosphere

sarah of sillygrrl shared 16 summery movies to beat the winter blues & her list is uh-mazing! 10 things i hate about you, clueless, almost famous, now & then...eee! the best.

this chocolate & avocado mousse on the bird&cleaver blog looks so darn good, mmm! & because there's avocado, that means it's healthy, riiiiight?

i have been loving miss moorea's 52 weeks of lists. i really should jump in & do these too because they seem like really great reminders & just generally something that would be good to do! also, i love lists. like, a lot.

heidi of the heidi & seek blog & shop posted new items to her shop & it includes these adorable oversized clutches which i think are pretty fab!

i love the sartorialist but especially recently. i really do love fall/winter fashion the most!

liz uploaded some photos she snapped during 'the magic hour' & this was my favourite!

but at this moment, there is only one moment
[no photo needed]
sometimes i think my cousin eryn & i are the same person. why you ask? oh because of posts like this one it's like we chatted for two hours then she wrote this...but we didn't. on another note: excited to see her this weekend!

care to share any awesome blog posts you've seen lately?