February 6, 2013

( inspired )

i've been feeling pretty inspired lately. inspired to workout 3-4x a week like i have promised myself. inspired to keep promises i've made to myself, instead of breaking them because it's just me i'm letting down...such a silly way of thinking, i should want to keep them more because it's me, right?

i've been feeling inspired to try new things, to experiment more in the kitchen & to use all of the wonderful cookbooks that i've acquired instead of letting them get dusty in my kitchen cupboard.

i've been feeling inspired creatively. i definitely feel like this is closely linked with my jewelry line & truly finding something that i love to do. i love to come home & create a few new pieces each night.
[on this same note, i am taking my time with this. at first i just wanted it done and up & running but i want things to be perfect for the launch, and i also want more than just a few pieces as well. i want a fully stocked shop for you guys when i do open! it will be worth the wait, i hope :) thanks for being patient!]

i have been feeling inspired socially. for instance this past weekend was my first weekend off, and instead of staying in, cleaning, doing things around the house, i went out for lunch with some gal pals saturday, went antiquing, had people over to our place and sunday i went to a girlfriends house to paint nails & watch movies & it was an awesome weekend! this weekend i'll be in toronto visiting friends as well. filling my time with friends instead of 'me time' always was on my new year resolutions & so far so good!

i'm feeling inspired to be a better me, pretty much in all areas of my life, and it feels really great. it's about time i fully realize that i create every step of my life and if i'm not happy, it's time to change, i'm doing something wrong. if i am happy, it's because i'm doing something right & to keep things going!

life is good you guys.