February 9, 2013

outfit post

so earlier this week bry took some photos of me for the S.O.S blog for work & seeing as i bought this dress & the jacket was already mine (& i'd love for the shoes to be mine) i thought i would post a little outfit post. these are the kinds of photos i always mean to get...instead i use instagram, haha

dress - vans from flavour fashion
denim jacket - thrifted
steve madden sneaker wedges - S.O.S save our soles
these will be available online soon & are only $100

all accessories are also from S.O.S

then i put on this amazing mink pink dress from plush & before i changed into the sandals i chose for the outfit, we snapped some with the sneaker wedge because adorable, floral dresses + studded black leather sneaker wedges = awesome

it was fun playing model for an hour! i also wore these cute outfits:

i know, i know...white lace dress, white background, whitest girl ever? bad idea.