February 2, 2013

outfit post catch up!

a little outfit post catch up as it's been well over a month since i did one last! & gosh, aren't you just dying to know what i've been wearing? (lol, i joke!) i've pretty much been wearing some variation of this outfit for the past...er, 2-3 months (since winter started) i have 2 pairs of pants that i pretty much switch out day to day (my high waisted levis & a pair of high waisted black pants from h&m) and then i'll change up my top, shoes & accessories. 

this outfit is one of my new favourites!
top & toque - obey 
jeans - levis
shoes - dolce vita from save our soles (on sale!)
necklaces - also from save our soles
watch - nixon

this beautiful accessory on my wrist is my new nixon watch! mikey got it for me as a christmas present but it was on back order so i've been patiently waiting & it came yesterday! i'm so freaking in love with it! my necklace is also the most awesome; a rhinestoned tiger! yesterday was new bling today...not complaining.

top & toque - obey 
(yes obey is my fave!)
denim jacket - thrifted 
(wardrobe staple. if you don't have one, get one!)
pants - h&m
(not featured...my awesome jeffrey campbell cat sneakers)

this week was pretty great for the most part other than being sick for the first 4 days of it (i guess that was the majority of it so not that awesome) but thursday night we did a clothing swap which are always fun & went out for some beers, and this weekend is my first weekend off, wahoo working monday to friday starting now seeing as it's february. which reminds me, happy february! is anyone else pretty damn thankful that january is over? i am. one step closer to spring! i'm really stoked for spring this year...normally i don't mind the winter but i'm pretty sick of it already & being in canada we have at least another 2-2.5 months of it! yuck.

things i'm looking forward to in february:
+ toronto next weekend for hangouts with julie, eryn, holly & more (still not totally planned/confirmed yet but at least those ones!)
+ valentines day
+ a weeks vacation!
+ toronto the following weekend for mikey & i's 5 YEAR anniversary (5 whole years you guys, i never thought i'd say that based on my dating history when i was younger!)
+ famjam weekend at my parents house (so weird not calling it the cottage anymore)
+ the toronto shoe show with B (my boss!) 

february is going to be busy but amazing! i am so looking forward to it, and only slightly bitter that mikey & i aren't headed south this month, hehe.