February 28, 2013

spring makeup: pale girls unite!

spring is coming (it is right??) it felt a wee bit more mild here in ontario, and seeing as i've been dreaming of warmer weather for over a month now, it's gotta be coming sometime soon, after all march will be here in a few short days! 

anyway, i've started softening my makeup in hopes that maybe it will make spring come sooner? i love the look of a fresh face. i'll never get that perfect 'dewy' look like the pros, but i'll try my darndest to accomplish a similar look. being a pale gal, we can't use a harsh bronzer, those orangey shimmery ones just aren't for us, no matter how little we use they just don't work.

so, pale girls unite! let me show you what i use/love...

i bought this one by essence to try because it was $3.99 so why the hell not, right? and ended up really digging it. it gives me a soft look, it's not too dark because of the mosaic feature and i really love the overall finish of it.

this blush cost me a whole $2.99 i'm pretty sure. i love a pretty pink cheek & i've even started using this on my eyes in the crease as an accent colour to this eyeshadow that i use...

...which is also stupid cheap (nothing is over $10 in this makeup line) i use the white shimmer eyeshadow on the left all over my eyelid and also in the corner of my eye (to brighten) and along my brow line to highlight

this lipstick i just bought recently as well. it is the rimmel matte lipstick by kate spade in colour 101 and guess what? i'm in love. i'm all for a great, bright coloured lipstick don't get me wrong, but i've also been a fan of the nude/pale lip  for years (i have used the lip balm/concealer trick for years & years and still do to this day because i've yet to find a lipstick that creates the same look) 

anyway, this is a lovely colour don't you think?
as for the rest of my face, i use this liquid eye pen...

yuuuup, essence again! i cannot get over the price for the quality...it's awesome! anyway, i've done a cat eye for as long as i can remember, ever since perfecting it it's been my go to as i really love the look of it. i've used a ton of different ones but found this to be the cheapest but still stays on all day.

& lastly my mascara. i often try new ones (again, getting sucked into the advertising & the girls wearing falsies & me thinking 'i want my eyelashes to look like that!') but this is a tried and true, and i always end up going back to it.

& just today i discovered my new favourite nail polish - possibly of all time.
 i saw this 'complete salon manicure' line & of course got sucked into the 'no need for a top or base coat/won't chip, etc thing & found myself buying it today. i am in LOVE with the colour. it's the perfect nude for my red undertone/pale girl skin

incase you're wondering, i don't always buy cheap makeup, i've just found that i really love this line and it happens to be cheap (which i am down for!) there are certain makeup things i spend more money than i should on, for example my foundation...

i also just discovered this within the last 6 months and it changed my life. that might sound like an exaggeration but it's totally not. when your makeup looks good, you feel good, right ladies? for all you beauties who don't have to wear makeup (i envy you) but for the rest of us, i recommend investing in foundation/cover-up because it is worth every penny. this one covers my imperfections but doesn't leave me feeling cakey...and i love it!!

what makeup looks are you excited for this spring?