March 1, 2013

spring looks: are we there yet?

my god i feel like everyone is over winter. march is here!! that means that the snow should fuck off now & we should be busting out the sandals right? live in canada, dummy (me, not you...unless you live in canada too & then this is also your reality...but i don't think you're dumb)

i'm over winter. we are not friends anymore.
i want light clothes, light layers, light colours...i just want to feel lighter apparently.

i have a dress just like this that i bought at our army surplus store & cannot wait to wear it bare legged & fancy freeeee! & with cute ankle boots, which i own some already & will be sure to be adding more to my collection.

stripes. yup! i gave them a break for about a year as i had out-striped myself but i'm digging them again! & hats ♥ !!

lightweight flowy tops + lots of layered necklaces...and bracelets...and rings (she's missing that part)

what's better than a simple t-shirt & jeans...and a great leather jacket, which i now own as well. can't wait to ditch the parka!

denim on denim + a great pair of ankle boots!

as much as i'm not really a sandals person (i never really fall in love with any) i kind of can't wait to rid myself of my winter boots

love this oversized look...duh, i am the oversized queen. also, more hats ♥ !!

love this layered look with chunky platforms oh-so much!


original sources found on my pinterest board