March 3, 2013

whole30 update: day 5

this is how i last supper i called it. a beer & some non-gluten free pizza. give me all the carbs & bad things. i bought reese's peanut butter cup too, went all out! this, of course, is the night before i started.

my next two nights looked something like this. i had a headache/migraine for the first 2 days solid - caffeine withdrawal SUCKS. day 3 i had a minor headache on & off throughout the day, but nothing major. day 3 was the first day i felt normal. first 2 days were TOUGH - no lies. i was an asshole to be around too...not fun!

day 4 & 5 have been the best hands down. today i feel amazing! day 3 & 4 i still had that 'hungover' feeling, where i kind of felt shitty in the morning but by lunch time i was feeling better. i've been eating new things (dragon fruit!) and trying out new veggies & fruits that i wouldn't normally have tried! it feels really awesome. eating meat & veggies for dinner every night is fantastic too. guess what? i don't get stomach aches after i eat!! halle-freaking-lujah! it is the best feeling in the world...seriously.

this morning i woke up & had this for breakfast - a delicious smoothie (just frozen fruits, unsweetened apple sauce & water) 2 kiwis, 2 eggs & some guac. YUM! i have yet to experience really intense cravings. i mean i want a cup of coffee but i wouldn't hurt someone for one, ya know? that, and i now know how it can feel without having one, and having those ups and downs of energy, i don't have that anymore...i feel consistent all day long, and that is also a really great feeling! speaking of consistency, i am consistently not bloated, consistently not gassy & also very consistent (if you know what i mean!) everything about this is a 'feel good' situation!

so far this has been a really positive experience for me! if you're going to sign up for it, i recommend paying the $14.95 for the daily newsletters they send you while you are on it. they really, really help! they help you with all sorts of emotions and things you will go through while on this, and also (to a T) pretty much tell you how you are going to feel that day. it's a great thing to have waiting in your inbox, it's the first thing i read in the morning before my day starts...and at the end of the day, you get to click a link saying whether you did it (or not) and then little thing alone can feel very rewarding!

i worked last night at my second job, and incase you aren't familiar with what that is, i am a server at a sports bar. aka: fried foods & beer! normally when i am there the meal i eat will be pretty healthy, but i usually snack (consistently) on the lattice fries that they have there. last night, i am proud to say that i did not touch them! i had a meal of grilled fish & steamed veggies & i felt damn good about my choices! the smell of the deep fried food actually made me feel sick instead of wanting it desperately! my body is changing y'all!

i am now excited about the next 25 days. i am excited to continue on this journey & see where it takes me! yesterday i was even thinking "i wonder if you can continue this for whole60" ...then i thought "you're totally going to want a beer (or 7) after these 30 days" lol!